TPaaS Videoconference

Advantages of TPaaS Videoconference

Price barrier breakup

As distinguishing advantage, in marketing terms, for the end user, it means an average saving of 65%, in comparison with a deployment of conventional TelePresence. This price barrier breakup opens the doors of the high level TelePresence for all kind of companies that, from now onwards, have a maximum quality service available, without having to make expensive initial investments for the purchase of resources that, probably, will never be entirely used.


Incremental saving

TPaaS is a “pay as you go” solution that avoids End Of Sale and End Of Support situations, of the infrastructure, in the same time that it facilitates maintenance costs savings. End users may count on a high level solution without the need of having specializing staff concerning the video management.



With TPaaS of Hipercom as a white label, we can register endpoints of different manufacturers and with a different size: From a inmersive room to an iPad, as well as desktop endpoints, multipurpose or laptops, what answers to the phenomenon named by Snorre Kjesbu as “disruption of the job”.



TPaaS is an interoperable solution, compatible with standards H323 and SIP, that admits RDSI and that Works with Webex, both cloud and installed. It should be pointed out that it is a monitored service and managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



We have developed a flexible solution that gets along with pre-existing realities, adapting to companies that may currently count on a video system and, in parallel, companies interested in increasing their capacities. Hipercom has a standarised catalogue but we stand out for our capacity of adaptation to the specific needs detected by the Partners.


Exclusive differentiating advantages

CMSP Advanced Certification for TPaaS

TPaaS of Hipercom counts on the Cisco Powered Cloud Service certification. This is quality and availability guarantee to provide the highest demanding levels established by Cisco and audited every year by an independent company.


White label model: The Partner is the main figure

TPaaS of Hipercom is the first high level service of cloud TelePresence certified by Cisco as CMSP Advanced Cisco Powered Cloud Services, that is provided to the end customer as white label, exclusively by means of Partners. Cisco Partners, regardless of being 2Tiers or 1 Tiers will be able to personalize the service web interface and the url of access with their own brand, both to a logotype level and choosing the term that will appear as web address of the platform. All of that, in a personalized way for every Partner, since, in our go-to-market model, the main figure is the Partner.

As main advantages for the partners, our solution avoids the time, cost and complexity that involves building a service in the cloud of such magnitude; without forgetting that they can expand the market, increase the endpoints sale and take up again TelePresence projects and that did not give results due to price reasons. Partners enjoy several discounts on the Pricelist, and they have Access to the Cisco rebates for the sale of cloud services. The white label option of Hipercom is established by default, therefore Partners do not have to pay specific tariffs to count on this possibility.

So far, TelePresence solutions seemed to be reserved only for large companies, large accounts and Partners specializing in video. Cisco takes an important step by incorporating us to its cloud strategy, what gives the Partners of any size and degree of specialization the real possibility of selling high level cloud TelePresence. Only Hipercom offers more for less, since the CMSP Advanced certification for TPaaS recognizes us and, in the same time, demands us to keep the highest SLA levels, joining quality, availability and competitiveness in the fares.


24x7x365 Support

Although in the video cloud market we still find just a few providers, we can affirm that in Hipercom we offer more for less, what means a pre-sale commercial support, “proximity” technical support and some agreements on service levels provided “by default” that other providers offer, in any case as an extra service. This turns us, from our point of view, into the most attractive option for the channel of Partners.

Hipercom provides support to Partners in case of service incidences, constantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our agreements on the service levels (SLA) consider, by default, the restoration of the service (MTRS) within 8 hours, existing a Premium option that reduces up to 4 hours this period. The support is certified as CMSP with regard to protocols that take part and our department NOC offers support in the installation frame, aspect that gives the service proximity and personalized attention. Partners are always supported by the technical department of Hipercom, in remote.


Hipercom, Partner´s strategic ally

Hipercom does not sell directly, neither installs, nor interferes in the structure of the Cisco commercialisation channel; quite the opposite, it acts as an ally to offer real collaboration solutions for end users, providing with an unique Added Value to the Partners, generating business and adapting to the Cisco rebates policies. Hipercom counts on a Development department, NOC (Network Operations Center) Call Center for Service Desk and a PAMs team that offers presale advice. We offer support in installation frame and we support the work of the Partners to provide the best possible solution to their own customers, always acting secondly. Hipercom adapts in a flexible way to every case, since our standard Offering is completed with professional services on-demand to attend pre-existing realities and any specific integration need.